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Crusading AG?


Are they only in fictional novels or do “public” crusaders really exist?

Over the last several days, since the story broke of “sexual harassment” in the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, many people in Warren have been deep in conversation during their morning coffee at the local “cafes”.

The general conversation, from people who supported the AG and know him, is one of disbelief and embarrassment. Oh not embarrassment for themselves but for Marc.

Almost to a person the comment has been, “…same old, same old” when it comes to past administrations and the new AG’s tenure. “It’s still Pay to Play” and nothing has changed from the Republicans.

Many had high hopes that Marc would be a “beacon” of his word, doer of “great things” but since almost day one we have seen stumble after stumble over issues that should never have arisen.

His public stand on “emails” being “public record” was encouraging during the campaign but now he balks at making “his” AG’s Office emails part of the record, “same old, same old”.

Every coach on every sports level knows you are only as good as the team and Marc’s “team” has been questionable from the beginning. Appointment after appointment has been suspect and most being “close people” of the campaign who are “Valley” locals. Must admit it’s not a good “public relation” ploy for the “Valley”.

When it comes to the next election one wonders if the Republicans will have a candidate who will seem like the “new crusader” and Marc will be a one term AG?

Two other questions must be asked now too: 1). Will the Democrats and/or Governor ask him to resign? 2). If he stays will he be defeated in the primary by a “crusading” Democrat?

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