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Amish Expanding in Warren


The sale of the “old” Packard House Apartments on North Park, to an Amish Businessman, and the “old” Knockouts, on 422 Niles, being converted to an Amish Market, maybe a new perspective has been found to encouraging diverse businesses to the area.

The Packard House Apartments are being restored to the original 16 Apartments which will make them once again a “showcase” for Downtown. The upscale Apartments are just what is needed to encourage the “urban professional” to stay in the City.

It might behoove some of the “City Father’s” to inquire as to other Amish endeavors that might benefit the local economy and the Downtown Square .

If it means putting in several hitching posts, I’d say that’s worth the money and effort.

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  1. 01/07/2010 11:26 am

    Sorry, but I am imagining them doing the restoration as a barn raising. What a concept!

    Anything that breathes life back into cities should be encouraged. Why are Americans destroying the countryside?

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