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“Weather” or Not To Open The Parks


With the advent of nice weather, I got curious about when Warren City Parks would be open to walk the dog, enjoy the open spaces and just relax away from the neighbor day to day routine.

Sunday I took a trip down to Perkins and found the gate closed. The sun was shinning and it was a beautiful day in the City but alas no Park. Same at Packard.

Today I called City Hall and was connected to operations.

I asked them when would the Parks be open, so I could posted it on Dare To Dream, I was told that “they are already open.” I commented about the fact of finding “Perkins closed on Sunday” and they put me on hold to check.

Upon returning, I was informed that they are not open yet and when I asked what date they would be was told “weather permitting.”

Hmmm. In Ohio that’s a loaded statement for the weather changes so often.

ps: Well I just came back from lunch (1:33 pm) and I noticed that Perkins Park is open. Maybe our phone call this morning had something to do with that but if not I’ll take the “weather permitting”.

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  1. 04/25/2008 5:20 pm

    I have always found that walking around said gate and enjoying the public grounds anytime of year to be most invigorating.

    I like to imagine General Simon Perkins shouting get out of my yard while I am at it.

    Good to see you still in town and doing so well sir.

    Warmest regards,


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