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An Ordinance Without a Plan


p1010001.jpgIt seems that Warren City Council’s new “Rental Ordinance” has a name but no substance, no plan of implementation.

Par for the course.

How can you put together an objective without developing a way to get to that objective? With all the “plans” sitting around how come this one is missing?

Council now is sending the “Ordinance” over to the Health Director to see what he and his people can come up with on how to make it work. Hopefully it will fare better than the City’s “Vicious Dog Ordinance” in having a plan for implementation.

On another topic, it would appear that the City of Warren is ready to have an agreement with the landlord of the “old” County Human Services Building on South Park.

The City would use the building to combine and house City Offices into a “one stop”.

Have to wonder if the County felt that the building was unsuited for their use and needed to move out, why does the City feel this is a good move for them and at a cost of over 300 thousand dollars? It has also been rumored that the building is in poor shape with need of much interior renovation, which will add greatly to the overall cost.

Now in all fairness, the idea would appear to be logical. The building sits next to the Parking Deck which could be utilized more effectively plus the idea of an arcade from the “deck” to Market Street would now make more sense. Tie these two venues in with using the empty Market Street space and yes good concept…BUT at what cost to the City and taxpayers?

This one should prove interesting in watching.

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