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basebalm_ganson.jpgFinally it can feel like Spring, Baseball Season begins in earnest on Monday.

With the Red Sox and Oakland opening the season already for the American League and tonight sees Atlanta taking on Washington in the National’s Capitol, the rest of the teams start playing Monday.

Most of my friends know that I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan since the early 50’s when I got to meet Ted Williams; Jackie Jensen; Mickey Vernon; Sammy White and many of the other Sox players, so when opening day comes along I return to my youth and dream of “playing the game.”

“Opening Day” I’m transported back to the days of being glued to the TV and watching Don Larsen pitch a no-hitter/perfect game in the 1956 World Series; Dad taking me to watch Ryan Duran pitch against Herb Score at Old Muni Stadium in Cleveland; my first game at Fenway Park and, of course, the Red Sox’s winning the World Series.

I used to tell my friend’s who root for the Cleveland Indians, before the Red Sox won the Series, “there’s not much different from a Sox fan and a Tribe fan, we always say next year.”

So here’s something for all those Baseball fans whose teams just fall short but you still believe in the “miracle”.

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