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Got to Have Flexibility


“Zero Tolerance” against fighting in the Warren Schools seems to make sense until you find that there’s no “right” to appeal, or at best, any recourse to have your side heard if one feels wronged.

Tho I don’t agree with all that the group of Warren Pastors are trying to do, such as sensitivity training, I do feel that their concern about “first time offenses” and “being able to have an unbiased arbiter” are valid.

I’m not one who supports that students can run “a muck” and get away with it, but I am concerned that those who are bullied and unable to do anything but defend themselves are not wrongly disciplined.

I remember that my Father, also a Pastor, used to tell me that if I was “punished at school” that I would be “punished at home.” That fear was enough to make sure I “towed” the line and listened to those in authority that has followed me for life.

I had thought my Dad unfair in his statement until I grew older to see the wisdom in holding me accountable for my actions both at school and at home.

Those who habitually cause trouble with fighting should be suspended, held accountable for their actions but those who are put in “harms way” because of bulling must, and need, a method of redress.

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