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Here’s Your Sign!


traffic_light_dan_gerhar_01.jpgI’m not a big fan of the parking deck but since it’s there then why not do everything possible to utilize it and make it least semi productive.

Recently, in a Warren Traffic Commission meeting, the Warren Redevelopment and Planning Director brought forth a proposal that would help make getting to the “deck” more accessible. That proposal was simply “return” Franklin Street back to a two way street and thereby making it easier to get from both South Park and not just from Main Street.

As a side light, this proposal would also make it easier to put signage up on South Street; Market Street; Main Street and South Park in directing people to the entrance of the “deck” where right now you can only direct traffic off of Main Street.

It seems that the newly elected Warren City Councilman at Large feels that should be a “no” and “let people drive through the old parking lot to get to the deck.”

His statement tells me that the Councilman hasn’t been downtown recently, for if he had he would see that the owners of that property put up concrete dividers stopping traffic from entering their property. In fact Mr. Councilman, that was done the very weekend Human Services moved out.

Others on the Traffic Commission also felt like this was a “bad” proposal. So in the words of Country Comedian Bill Engvall, “here’s your sign.”


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