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Spelling Bee Acceptable?


The Policeman’s Memorial has been in Warren’s Memorial Park for over a year and it still stands with a “glaring” mistake.

As the Community tries to save the “facade” of “old” Harding HS this obvious sign of misspelling stands like a sore thumb for all to see. Whether we save the facade or not don’t we want this memorial to be correct for those we honor and to show that our educational system works too?p1010022.jpg

Original post from April 2007:

Last year, as I was driving passed Monument Park and shortly after it’s dedication, I noticed the new stone monument to honor our local Police Officers that had fallen in the line of duty.

There it was. Big as life and engraved in stone. HEROS!

Later I called City Hall and commented that I felt there had been an error in spelling and that “Heros” needed to be Heroes.

It’s ironic that I was driving by and noticed it on the day of the “National Spelling Bee” finals.

I was assured that “someone” from “somewhere” would be calling me to give an explanation.

Days later I did get a call and it was explained that the spelling was an accepted version of hero…but for the life of me I can’t find that as an accepted version of the plural anywhere, except as a sandwich.

In Webster’s New World it states “n., pl. -roes”.

It was also explained to me that the “cost” would be to much to fix and “they did their best.”

This whole incident reminds me of the flier that was prepared by Warren GROWS, just in time for the 2006 Relay For Life event, in which there were many misspellings, locations marked wrong on the map, locations not included on the map and so on. The flier was distributed throughout the area even knowing that many errors existed.

The general comment made by those in charge was…”they did their best”.

Maybe this is part of the problem on growth and success for our Community, we accept “Schlock” and pass it off as “they did their best.”

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