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Why Can’t We?


clip_art.jpgIn the latest AAA Magazine that I received, Neil Zurcher did a “One Tank Trip” to Columbiana Ohio.

First just some facts and comparisons on Columbiana and Warren.

Warren is about 16 sq miles and Columbiana is about 6 sq miles.

Warren has a population just a little over 45 thousand and Columbiana is about 6 thousand.

Estimated Warren average income about 32 thousand and Columbiana about 37 thousand.

As I was reading Zurcher’s story on antiquing in Columbiana, I was startled to read that they had a 1950’s movie house which they are just finishing up renovating but still retaining all its art deco “glory.”

Further in the story he goes on about…

“One of the brightest lights in downtown Columbiana is the Main Street Theater. The old movie house is just wrapping up an extensive renovation. It will be offering not only a new eating spot, The Encore Cafe, but also, movies as well as a new stage that will permit live performances for the first time. Check box-office, or website for coming attractions.”

I closed my AAA Magazine and just sat wondering about the Robins Theater….”Why, oh why can’t we?”

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