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Being Right?


clipart_by_nicu_buculei_-_baloon1_04_01.jpgHaving Dare To Dream “blog” has been an eye opening experience, one that has taught and shown me much about human nature plus the world around me.

This morning in conversation with a friend, whom I was harassing because of Saint Patrick’s Day being on Monday and it being the traditional “Holy Week”, someone else “jumped” into the conversation.

To make a long story short, this “jumper” made a statement that “you” (me) “always have to be right” and then referenced the blog as an example of that being a fact.

There is some truth in the fact that most of us like to be “right” but the difference between people is the degree they disagree with people on the issues. Because one engages in dialog does not mean that they feel their point of view has to be accepted as “gospel”. I’ve always adhered to the belief that we have the “right to disagree” for it would be a boring world if you (I) surrounded ourselves with only like minded people.

So, to be fair to the “jumper”, I checked over my posts and found that the majority are mainly my observations on issues and others that are merely passing on info which some might find useful.

As I stated back in April 2006 and the first post… “Welcome to my view of the “going ons” in Warren, Ohio.

We will offer an “alternative” perspective to the many foibles, conundrums and the plain nonsensical ramblings at this end of the Mahoning Valley…”

With the growth of Dare To Dream and over 1600 visits, 900 of those since January 1st, the observations now encompass far more than just the “ramblings” of the “Valley”.

Looking back over the posts, like “Living With the Gun”, I see my attempt to be fair and included those comments of the “gunnies” who disagreed with my observations, in-fact you will read that several found it commendable that I was in dialog and even posted their point of view.

As long as I get comments and emails such as the following…”Tristan, I just enjoyed catching up on some of your recent entries. You’ve made some good points.”…and several others like that, I’ll keep plodding along, “right” or wrong.

Thank you.

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