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Primary Day


checkmrk.jpgThere is always a sense of accomplishment when one has finally voted, even tho I really didn’t make up my mind on who I wanted to support until Monday, and then I was still not quite sure as I voted.

I went early, since all the TV stations were reporting that there would be heavy turnout and lines.

Got to the polls at 7am and was number five to vote at the precinct plus the second to ask for a paper ballot. Poll workers were very organized on the paper ballot routine and I was impressed that it went without a “hitch”.

In my unscientific poll approaching today, I found that the decision between Clinton and Obama was coming down to one issue or another for everyone I asked. For one it was Health Care, another the War, then for another it was NAFTA and yet another was Social Equality.

I really must admit that I don’t like making decisions on just one issue but that’s what it came down to for myself.

In a conversation with my Doctor last week about the campaign, I made this observation about Senator Obama. When I watch the young people and their enthusiasm for the Senator, I’m reminded of my feelings and idealistic support of Robert Kennedy in the 60’s. He seems to be able to tap into that “dream” of making the world a better place that we have not seen in American politics in a long time.

Thinking about that comment later, I summed up my belief that “tapping in” to ones emotions about the future is not a bad thing. Not a political determent, for all the great Presidents seemed to be able to speak beyond the “platform”, beyond the “tried and true” political rhetoric to stir the imagination. Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and Reagan were such Presidents.

Maybe we have come full circle in my lifetime, not letting my cynical age get in the way, and we will see emerge a new “idealism” for the 21st Century, a return to the 60’s attitude that was to “change the world” for the betterment of all.

Dare To Dream, for the Dream can Become a Reality!

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