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The Prince and the President…


britannia2.jpgThe statue of Britannia stands guard looking over Plymouth Harbor and she has seen many of her “sons and daughters” go off to war through the years.

Over the last week a Son of the Royal line has made news as he got his wish to serve with his men in combat. Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, got himself stationed in Afghanistan for the last ten weeks. His original wish to be stationed with his unit in Iraq was denied because of the publicity given that desire coupled with the safety of him and his unit because of the notoriety.

Now that his cover has been “blown” and he’s back on English soil, he still desires another posting in a combat zone.

Often known as the “Party Prince” he now has the title of “Warrior Prince” and I’m sure no one would stop him from having a pint or two, in fact, I imagine many a Englishman would buy him that pint as would this “Yank”.

The Queen had to sign off on his deployment and I say BRAVO to her.

It is refreshing to see people of wealth and influence take their responsibilities with pride, duty and honor.

It is ironic that this Prince went off to a war that was started by a President who didn’t go to war himself when his nation called but rode the train of favoritism in the Air National Guard.

A President that was born to a family of wealth, privilege and influence.

A President who also was known as a “hell raiser” in his youth but he, unlike the Prince, never answered the call with pride, duty and honor.

The younger generation has shown us a lot, whether they be English or Americans, valor is still freedom’s song in our fighting forces.

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