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Political “Big Top”


07clown.jpgAs we get ready for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum/Bailey Circus to arrive in Youngstown, another sort of “circus”, the political one, is leaving the “Valley”.

Tomorrow Ohioans will vote in primaries to decide their choice of a Republican and Democrat candidate for President. This has been a long year of campaigning to get to this point and many will be glad to see tomorrow come and go, knowing that we still have other primaries, conventions and then the general election to go through.

It’s amazing how long it takes us to get to the “punch line” of electing a President when other nations do it with less fanfare (dramatics) and in shorter time but we tend to love parades, bands and clowns.

I googled the word “clowns” and found that it has been used in many a political speech over the years. I’m still trying to find one that my friend told me at lunch today about John McCain calling George Bush a “clown” in the year 2000.

The one thing I think every politician needs is a tag line with an apology to Ronald, Bozo and Clarabelle in any political statements and TV ads. “No Clowns were hurt or disparaged in the making of this speech/ad. Any resemblance to any Clown real or fictional is just coincidental.”

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