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The “No Spin Zone” is Spinning


It’s seems that the far right voice of late night TV, Bill O’Reilly, has “spun” himself into a controversy that I hope he pays for as others in his business have over the last several months.

O’Reilly’s use of the word “lynching” in reference to Barrack Obama’s wife is absolutely appalling, especially after O’Reilly’s hero George Bush denounced the use of words such as “nooses” and “lynching” during a very public forum celebrating Black History Month, on February 12th, 2008.

I saw the show, yes even some liberals watch O’Reilly, when he took verbal aim at NBC’s Dave Schuster for using the statement “pimped out” when referring to Chelsea Clinton and her participation in her Mom’s campaign. Schuster was reprimanded, suspended and apologized for his mistake.

In a similar use of the word “lynching”, in reference to Tiger Woods and the other players he beats, Golf Channel Commentator Kelly Tilghman was also reprimanded, suspended and she apologized.

Now let’s see if Fox will do anything about the “spinning” out of control O’Reilly, better yet, maybe the FCC will do something as in the case of Dom Imus because the “sauce” for the goose in the “Spin Zone” is as good for the goose in the “No Spin Zone”.

Found this following YouTube posting that excellently sums up the situation.

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