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“…and the Walls Came Tumbling Down.”


Today’s topic of conversation, over coffee at the Mocha House, was the Board of Education’s decision to tear down the old Warren Harding HS facade and auditorium, tho they had originally decided to leave it as a “Memorial” to the past.

The decision to tear down was made even with $1 million dollars having been set aside, which was a portion of the 2003 bond issue, for the restoration project.

Even as recently as 2005 the then BOE plan was still to save the facade along with the office space plus the auditorium. “Oh well, just tear down the whole City” was one of the comments made at this mornings coffee. “No respect for history, the City’s past and preserving our historic buildings…” was another comment.

Steve Oravecz, in a recent Tribune-Chronicle editorial, went on to mention about renaming the new school, new mascot and new colors, which I’m all for but I’m also for the idea of preserving this part of the school because of it’s architecture and past. The fact that the auditorium could be used for local theatre and/or movies is also an idea that I think could be explored and worked.

It is strange that at this late date the BOE changes direction and behind closed doors.

One of the BOE member stated that “There’s a substantial amount of money that could be lost…”. I wonder as much as was lost in buying swamp land on Parkman Road for the District Wide Construction Program?

There seems to be a lot of the lets “Tear it Down” philosophy throughout Warren; From a former Police Chief who was attributed to saying…”tear down the entire square and start again” to the former City Engineer who said, “I can’t see why anyone would put a business on the Square with all the asbestos.”

Does anyone remember the “Old Armory”; Hart Cranes House on High St; The Morning-side Project; The Old South Street Train Station and The Warren Opera House?

Obviously the question about saving the facade and auditorium of Warren G. Harding HS can open other worthwhile topics of saving our past throughout Warren.

Thanks to RonsDiscsCinema for the following video on the “old” High School.

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