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Social Security, Insurance, Credit Cards and “Old Bones”


Since turning 62 last month and filing for Social Security, I have found an interesting fact has occurred with my mail.

I have been getting more pre-approved credit card applications than I did when I was in business. I really didn’t know that many cards existed and how many different types of master-card and visa card options are available, but I’m learning.

I’m also beginning to believe Congressman Kucinich when recently, on a TV talk program, he stated that the AARP is the largest lobbyist for Insurance Companies in the nation.

Almost every week I get a letter asking me to join and the “hook” always seems to be the “no physical required” insurance policy…oh…and at any age “guaranteed”. Yes they have other offers for savings on “this or that” but that insurance thing always is the lead.

Now AARP isn’t the only one sending me the insurance offers for they too arrive in the mail twice to three times a week. From Colonial Penn, Omaha, Veterans Life and etc, they keep on coming.

Maybe all these companies that see I now have a fixed income have faith that social security will be around for awhile or that with a fixed income I’ll have some left over for them…guess they haven’t seen the price of gas, bread or a gallon of milk.

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