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Baseball Hearings a Moliere Tragedy/Comedy?


The other night, early morning actually, I was channel surfing and found myself on CSPAN watching the “dog and pony” show called Congressional Hearings on Major League Baseball.

Even Moliere could not have written a play that was so tragic that it becomes farcical.

I have never been a Roger Clemens fan but as I watched the Chairman of the Committee, Henry Waxman, become a 21st century Joe McCarthy seeking out the “red terror” of baseball, I really felt as tho he was dealing the “National Past Time” its death knell.

Why hasn’t Congress gone after College sports and steroid use or even High School athletes using drugs with as much fervor and gusto? Just by saying that the pros are “role models” and must set an example is not a suitable answer.

Doesn’t Congress have more important issues to address like the “immunity” being given to the phone companies for their part in the Government’s illegal wiretapping?

I remember as a young boy meeting Ted Williams, Jackie Jensen and Mickey Vernon.

The impact was so great that I’ve been a life long Red Sox fan ever since. These giants of the sport, the “Boys of Summer”, played the “game” because it was THE game and like the Knights of the Round Table played the game by its rules, for that was their “code of chivalry”.

When did the Bonds, Clemens and even the Pettittes lose site of the game?

Whatever happened to the tipping of the cap in thanks to the roar of the crowd?

Did baseball change some place between Denny McLain and Pete Rose or have the “Black Sox” always been hiding in the clubhouse?

During that early morning CSPAN production and off in the distance I heard a voice saying…”put me in coach…”.

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