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Safety Forces Living Outside the Community


oldfiretruck.jpgRecently I had a conversation with a Twinsburg Police Officer and I asked him their Communities rules on Safety Service Forces living within the City.

Their City has negotiated with the forces that they can live within a 35 miles radius from the City limits.

I had been one who supported the idea of “living in the Community they serve” but upon a long discussion with this officer of 20 years, I now see some wisdom in the idea of not forcing the Police or Fire employees to live within the confines of the City.

This point has been made mute by the State of Ohio. The State has ruled that Cities can not force their Safety Service people to live in the City, but as most know, Youngstown and Warren are fighting that rule.

I got thinking, after my discussion with the Twinsburg Sargent, my parents were teachers and they could live outside the School District. In my Dad’s earlier years he pastor-ed several different Churches at one time and wasn’t forced to live in the same Community.

In my 20’s I was a morning TV Newsman and didn’t have to live in the Community that I reported on. It didn’t make me any less responsible or less conscientious in reporting on the news, so maybe I now see more of the wisdom on the States ruling on residency.

I started this post with an old photo of one of Warren’s early Fire Trucks with Firemen. Just like the photo, maybe forcing our Safety Services to live within the City is “old fashion” and out of date.

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