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Tune In or Will You Be Tuned Out?


In about a year, February of 2009, a move that has been mandated by Congress will take place.

That mandate is that full-power television stations will stop broadcasting in analog and will have to use only a digital signal to broadcast. This switch is being called “digital TV” or “DTV”.

I’m sure many are asking, like myself, “How will this switch affect me?” “Will I need a converter box or do I need to spend big money on a new high-definition TV?”

Experts are tending to say that a small amount of TV watchers will be affected and those that will be are ones who receive “free” TV by using a rooftop antenna and/or so-called “rabbit ears.”

There seems to even be some conflict with that assumption, for it will also depend on the kind of TV a person owns. Some analog TVs can only receive analog signals while others have a digital tuner pre-installed.

Hold on, there’s even more.

Now if you own a TV that receives just analog signals, and short of buying a new expensive TV set, you can get a converter box that will have a cost somewhere between $50 to $100.

“Holy Commercial Batman”, Congress has even created a TV Converter Box Coupon Program to help in that cost. Each household across the country will be eligible for two free coupons worth $40 each.

Wonder if this will cut down family TV consumption or maybe this is partly the reason for the “Bush Cash Stimulus” Package to insure that people go farther in debt buying those wide screen HDTVs?

Let’s hear from you on what you think and how will you handle the switch to DTV?

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  1. 01/06/2009 7:17 pm

    I think the Digital TV transition will be good for consumers. It should deliver a better product to a greater majority of households. I look forward to it.


    Joseph R. Mays…waves-near-youdigital-television-coming-soon-to-the-airwaves-near-you/

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