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Finally, Not Alone


Ever since the popular local web bulletin board,, stopped operations, there was a void in on-line coverage and discussion of topics concerning Warren, Trumbull County and the “Valley” in General.

In April 2007 long came Dare To Dream “weblog” and the re-birth of discussion on a multitude of topics including Political life in Warren, Trumbull County and the “Valley”.

Since inception, Dare To Dream has been read by many, but comments are still few. In the next day or two, we will reach the 1000 mark on visits and over 200 of those have been recorded since December. Thank you!

Now Dare To Dream has been joined by a couple of other blogs, one dealing with Y-Town and the other on political life for Trumbull County and Warren.

Joe Gorman, Tribune-Chronicle reporter for Youngstown and Steve Oravecz, Political Editor for the Tribune, have blogs that were introduced late last week and today.

You’ll be able to access Steve Oravecz’s, Deadline Warren, and Joe Gorman’s, Travel’s in Y-Town, on Dare To Dream’s blogroll in the rightside menu.

Now it’s not so lonely on the web when it comes to Warren and the surrounding area and we wish them both well.

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