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Media Driven Primaries


flag-c.jpgAs we start off the 2008 Primary Season and the “Run for the White House”, it’s hard to believe that 4 years ago I had one of the most exciting, memorable and humbling experiences as an elected John Kerry Delegate to the 2004 Democrat National Convention in Boston.

Several weeks ago I announced on Dare To Dream that I supported Senator Chris Dodd and would be a candidate for Delegate from the 17th Ohio Congressional District.

To give you an update. I was elected to the Senator’s slate of Delegates, even got to Chair the Dodd Caucus, but only to have the Senator later drop out of the primaries.

Now, like so many others who chose someone other then the three front running Democrats, or are undecided, I now have to give my support to someone else.

I like John Edwards but I also like parts of Barrack Obama’s candidacy…going to be a long Summer.

The one thing I have noticed is the lack of attention the media gives to other candidates who are running.

I find it not fair at all that certain people are left out of debates, left out of the nightly news commentaries and basically shunned because they don’t have the name, clout and or newsworthy potential.

I can give many examples but the main one is best seen from New Hampshire and on the Republican side.

Congressman Ron Paul, without National Media attention or Nightly News coverage, without being allowed to be in the debates still got 8 per cent of the votes…THE SAME as well covered; media attention; in the debates and once front runner Rudy Giuliani.

It is only fair that the voters get to hear and see ALL those who are putting forth their ideas on what they would do as President, not just the “media darlings”.

The Ron Pauls, Joe Bidens, Chris Dodds and Dennis Kucinichs have every right to be included and the Nation has a right to hear what they stand for and to see their acceptance by the voters in these crucial primaries.

Maybe if these others would have the same equal playing field the pollsters wouldn’t have got it so wrong in New Hampshire.

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