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Skating Into Winter


1). The ice skating rink on Courthouse Square is about to open as final touches are being done. As I have previously stated, I do have reservations about the success of this venture and its location but since I have always been a proponent of “Warren, Do Something”, I hope that this project is a “hit”.

I feel strongly that the clean-up and the mark left on the Courthouse lawn will be felt and seen well into festival time.

2). The Main Street Program at last!

This is a program, and tool, that I have championed for a LONG time. Even so much as to apply for the job of coordinator, at less pay then advertised, for a similar approach by WRAP back almost 5 or 6 years ago.

As a tool for growth, this program has limitless potential.

3). Recently saw Attorney General Marc Dann on one of those national TV shows like Entertainment Tonight and was very proud of our local resident as he “touted” his efforts to go after the housing lenders and mortgage brokers in the State of Ohio.

Then a couple days later I read in the paper his comment about comparing the treatment of Leo Jennings to that of Jesus and the crucifixion. Oh brother, where is a press secretary when you need one?

In a paraphrase of the “I knew John Kennedy and your no Kennedy” from the Presidential debates several years ago…”I know Leo Jennings and he’s no Jesus.”

Marc is doing all the BIG things well, even fantastic, but the small things, especially when he speaks off the cuff, are tripping him up and will be the thing the Republicans will use to campaign against him.

4). I see an issue that may divide the City of Warren along income/”class” and that’s the Landlord Rental Permit Issue being championed by many.

This issue is a win situation for homeowners and a losing issue for renters.

I agree with the premise behind the permits, more housing inspectors and less “slum” rentals, but not at the expense of the cost being past on to the renters, and that is surely going to happen if this issue succeeds. The landlord has not lost anything or felt the pinch, he’ll just pass the cost on to his renters and the homeowner “reaps” the reward.

As a renter, I want to point out that if I have problems and safety issues that are not addressed by my landlord, I do have recourse such as the Building Department, Health Department to correct my living situation but in this economy of higher fuel and heating, I can’t afford the added cost to my rent.

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