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Follow Up


Just wanted to follow up and add to several postings:

Drove around town the last several days and really am impressed with how clean everything looks around the Courthouse Square area.

The entrance to the Comfort Inn Parking Lot off of High Street looks GREAT with a cleaned up look, no more crop of weeds, as well does the front sidewalk of the “old” Hippodrome restaurant.

Definitely like the “Cafe” tables outside of Blue Iris and Little Johnnies. These added touches bring, what I feel, a “we care” perception.

The ice skating rink seems to be well on the way to being a fixture in the Courthouse Square for the Winter. Understand that it will be opened the night of Warren’s annual Caroling on the Square.

Seems that the Downtown Warren Business Association and Jim Cicchillo are ago to get the fountain done. Completion probably won’t be done until the Spring.

The “Woods” home on Mahoning is at a stand still. Seems someone wasn’t to happy to see work being done on this neighborhood landmark and complained.

Hopefully the Historic Perkin’s Homestead Association can still be able to complete the task before Winter comes. This “Make a Difference day Project” was well intentioned and needed.

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  1. Josh permalink
    10/05/2007 7:24 pm

    I still see an incredible amount of papers, ciggie butts and little bits of trash all over the sidewalk along West Market. I was out last Monday picking up the bigger bits of a newspaper Sunday supplements section. They need to get the convicts out to clean up once a week.

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