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W O D!


Over the last several days, I took a short hiatus, mainly to listen and see.

1). One morning, as I was entering Circle K on North Park and Washington, I heard an interesting conversation between a group of City Workers.

It seems that one of them was expounding on the fact that “no one” would listen to him about the safety of one of the trucks and how he was told, “your the only one complaining” that the certain truck in question was unsafe.

This worker was quite adamant about the issue and ended the discussion with the others by stating, “don’t call me on the radio but we need to talk.”

2). Friday morning I passed an accident in front of the Robins Theater. It seems that someone had their drivers door, a beautiful blue corvette with ten day tags, smashed into as they were opening it to get out.

The first thought in my mind was, “and they said diagonal parking was going to be unsafe.”

Again, what does it take to get the message across to this Administration about slowing down traffic on Market Street and make it “pedestrian friendly?”

Why is the Mayor obsessed with higher traffic counts and a four lane Market Street instead of two slower manageable lanes?

I wonder if “British Racing Green” is an approved color for business signage and building facades?

3). Having coffee with a few friends at the Blue Iris the other morning, several of the group came up with another “dirty word” for Warren to dislike, “Business friendly.”

Now that’s a separate post in its own right.

4). One morning sitting at Mocha House the old Safety Service Director, Fred Harris, stopped by the table and was spouting the accolades of Youngstown and it’s positive approach to their Downtown situation of parking and businesses.

I did feel that his concern about Warren’s Downtown was a little to late. Where was this passion when you were in office?

5). Good editorial from Steve Oravecz in Wednesday’s paper about the City One Stop City Hall.

Maybe “button, button, whose got the button” would be easier to “play” then looking and dusting off all those plans.

6). Lastly, over coffee at the Comfort Inn this morning, a thought seeped into being. Maybe the problem for Warren is that everyone isn’t apathetic but they have W.O.D.

Warren Over Dose. The symptoms are to much talk and not enough action, thereby causing the lack of oxygen to the brain which creates a large yawn and accompanied by an urge to yell out, “here we go again”, followed by a coma of “why get involved.”

Old City truckFound this “pic” of an old City truck. Hope this isn’t what the City employee was complaining about. We should look and maybe we might find another “plan” stuffed in the glove box.

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