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Pass It On


Over several months, I have been doing something that I really didn’t think was a big deal but the last several times, I’ve had varied reactions.

When I’ve been going to the grocery store, it’s one that you put a quarter into a chain holder to get your shopping cart, I’ve been having a little fun.

Not that the shopping itself is fun but what I do after the check out, bagging and putting the items into the car.

I turn to take my cart back to the long line of other silver carts and then I pause, look around and watch for those who might need a cart.

Usually someone will approach with quarter in hand and I turn and say, “here you go, take this one.”

Now the fun begins.

Usually they reach out to hand me the quarter and I politely say, “No thanks, just pass the cart on to some body else when you’re done.”

Most people try to still give me the quarter but I smile, shake my head no and wander back to my car.

Many look dazed and bewildered with my gesture.

Last week was the best. I gave my cart to a couple and they both smiled and seemed very gratified. It was obviously the topic of conversation, my gesture, as I walk to my car and I still saw them smiling and watching me as I pulled out of the parking spot and on my journey.

Maybe, sooner or later, the original shopper who put that first quarter into the cart will be rewarded with a free cart, that’s if we just “pass it on.”

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