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Say What?


Guess there was an incident over on Kenilworth NE the other night.

It’s reported that the Warren City Police Chief showed up to observe his guys handle the situation.

One of the neighbors said to the Chief…”this is such a nice neighborhood…” and “Mando” replied, “if you want a nice neighborhood, live in Howland.”


Shades of the day when Warren had a Building Engineer that couldn’t understand why anyone wanted to open a business in Downtown Warren and he lived in Cortland.

Oh by the way. It is reported that at this same incident on Kenilworth, Councilman at Large Bod Dean was seen helping “drag” the handcuffed suspect to a waiting ambulance.


I guess when we elect people to office in Warren we also get added safety service forces. That’s one way to save on the budget and bring the City up to manpower.

On another note. A “good job” should be given to Councilman Andy Barkley for his getting involved immediately to help remedy the problem of “drug houses” and residents being “threatened” on Kenilworth. And that’s a “YES HE DID!”

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