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Wolf Shows Up


You know, if you cry wolf enough, the wolf is bound to show up.

That’s what seems to have happened at Benji-Brown’s bar on North Park Sunday night.

Al Novak, Councilman Warren City Ward 2, has been trying everything in his power, even a 6th District Court ruled unconstitutional approach, to shut this business down.

Now he’s saying “I told you so.”

Well Mr. Novak, you cry wolf long enough and the wolf will so up. Tell a child he’s bad enough and he will turn bad.

I don’t remember you showing so much concern about Sir Bentley’s, Mahoning Avenue, when they had their shooting. Did you try and shut them down?

How about the noise and congestion around the corner of Mahoning Avenue and Summit with the Powerhouse and Uncle Butter’s. I don’t see Mr. Novak concerned about that.

I agree with Attorney Gil Rucker, be concerned about better housing, employment and a person’s self worth and maybe you wouldn’t have to cry “wolf.”

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