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The Warren We Know


Several months ago, I posted my vision that stuck somewhere in the attic at City Hall is a book case gathering dust. On that book case are volumes of past “plans” for the the City of Warren.

Last week we had the Mayor saying how for the City’s One Stop Shop, not to be confused with the County’s One Stop Shop, a “study” or “plan” was not necessary.

I jokingly stated, “who is this impostor and what have you done with our Mayor.”

Well, that was short lived, for now we have a $182,000 appropriation before Council to cover the cost of a citywide strategic plan. Dust of the shelf in the attic, here comes another one.

Oh, and then we have the $65,000 appropriation for the creation of an outdoor ice skating rink in Courthouse Square. And, here’s the kicker, IT’S NOT PERMANENT! Courthouse and Square

Granted, Trumbull 100 is expected to raise the money for the installing and operating such an ice skating rink but the City has to install the power to the area in Courthouse Square.

The Mayor stated, “When we have this type of power, the future is unlimited with what we can provide downtown….we envision stores and businesses selling hot chocolate and stockings and things like that.”

Mr. Mayor, one would have to sell a lot of hot chocolate and stockings to survive with a venue that will only be around for at most, four months and having an ice skating rink is not going to be a draw for anyone to invest their time, energy and money opening a new business.

If I remember right, one of the City’s arguments for not moving the Festivals to Perkin’s Park is its lack of electricity and the cost to install power to handle the Festivals.

Hmm. Couldn’t we take the money that will be spent for a NON permanent venue in the “square” and put that money into the park, thereby making Perkin’s a center for “Family Entertainment” and Community events like the Festivals plus the ice skating rink.

Maybe that’s to simplistic but hey it’s a plan and it didn’t cost a dime.

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