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Pet Peeve Number#(way up there)


One of my top “pet peeves” are Downtown Businesses that don’t clean, sweep or shovel, when there’s snow, their sidewalks and then followed by our Downtown weed syndrome.

You may ask, “what is our Downtown weed syndrome?”

It is the fact that many of our local Merchants have a healthy crop of weeds growing in and around their business, in the bricks by the flower planters and in the cracks and crevices of the sidewalks.

What also “irks” me is that City Council gets more riled up on other matters, such as the defacing of stop signs, then the general appearance of the Downtown Historic area and putting pressure on the merchants to “beautify” their area.

The entrance off of High Street, into the Comfort Inn Parking lot, is a disgrace.

Hopefully, now that the Hippodrome has been sold, the area in front will become as clean and taken care of as when Gus was alive.

Many of the flower pots built on the sidewalks, and flowers donated by Chick’s Nursery, often are left not watered and unattended. Usually you can find beer bottles, cigarette butts and trash just stuffed in them and left for some concerned person to clean them, but not the business that they are in front of, as is usually the case with the one in front of Bob’s Bail Bonds.

A friend of mine, who walks to lunch on the Square, told me how he passed the old Robin’s Theater for two or three weeks and the same beer bottle sat there prominently in view before it magically disappeared.

I’ve often been a believer that if it looks clean and neat outside then it’s clean and neat inside.

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