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OH Come On Now!


What’s going on with Warren City Council?

First, Al Novak wants to pass a resolution to have the State Legislature write a law that has already been ruled on by the 6th District Court as being Unconstitutional and he still pursuing the effort even knowing that it’s NOT going to happen.

The Legislature would have to have the Court ruling overturned and they’re not going to waste the time, like our City Council does, nor the money to fight such an endeavor.

Second, Bob Dean wants to have those who are caught defacing Stop Signs guard them after the signs have been cleaned and replaced.

Hello! Who’s going to stand guard guarding the ones guarding the signs since Bob feels that the defacing is “gang” motivated and a marking of “turf”.

Another waste of time and money since the Courts can order that as Community Service already.

Now Council wants to have a Committee to study illegal fireworks. Holy Sparklers Batman! Fireworks are ILLEGAL in the State of Ohio…PERIOD. Zero tolerance would solve the problem without wasting more time and more money.

Warren City Council is a Do Nothing Good Council.

When does the “smoke and mirrors” end?

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