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Last week, as the cameras were rolling, Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann was caught yelling “F(Bleep) Off!” to a local political reporter from the Warren Tribune.

It seems that the AG was upset over a story that had recently appeared in the “Trib” about his guardian getting a job with the new Secretary of States Office.

After re-reading the story myself, I for the life of me, can’t find what Marc had to get upset about, in fact it was a rather tame story and basically didn’t point a finger or accuse the AG, or his guardian, of any wrong doing.

I guess if the Vice President can tell off a U.S. Senator on camera and the President can get caught also using obscenities, then it shouldn’t come as a shock when the AG of Ohio shows his wrath and displeasure.

Is it a sign of the times?

Put these incidences with Don Imus and Rutgers, add in Rap/Hip Hop lyrics and maybe “civility” is dead, or at best lost.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, in his short story The Freshest Boy, states, “It isn’t given us to know when one word will heal or one word will kill.”

Maybe we should take words we say, and how we say them, much more seriously and with respect.

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  1. 06/28/2007 4:54 am

    Well it seems that we can now add author Ann Coulter to the list of those who lack “civility”, as if we really had any doubt.
    Her GMA appearance on ABC, plus throw in her comments on Hardball, and she truly is lacking in grace and substance.

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