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Peter Pan Syndrome


I admit it! I have a “Peter Pan Syndrome” and as hard as I try, my body, plus my doctor, tell me otherwise.

For those who might not understand what’s a “Peter Pan Syndrome”, it can be summed up simply with a line from the song in the Peter Pan story, “I won’t grow up, I’ll never go to school”.

Recently I sent an email to a good friend with this quote: “You become 21; turn 30; pushing 40; reach 50; make 60; hit 70 and then it’s day to day.” Hmmm, might be some truth in the structure of that statement.

Way before I “made” 60, I have had a passion and concern for our aging population, especially those without any family support or network.

Several Sundays ago I attended Tod Avenue United Methodist Church. Tod was one of the several churches my Dad had as a pastorate in the 1960’s.

As I stood outside before entering, I noticed many changes to the area.

My car was parked where the parsonage was and the house next to it was gone also; on the corner of Tod and Buckeye sits a high rise that had several old Victorian homes, one of which was the other parsonage; the Tod/Buckeye School where I played outside basketball on a Summers evening is an empty lot and the Isley’s, where I hung out, when ducking Dad’s sermons, is a parking lot for a Walgreens.

There were several other changes to the neighborhood but my point is simple, I felt a little disoriented and if I was in my later 70’s, I could see that I might be confused. The loss of landmarks of ones youth could, I’m sure, contribute to a sense of bewilderment and puzzlement as our faculties age.

Over the next several weeks I will be posting comments on Ohio’s Program on aging and care, plus what facilities and programs we have locally to accommodate an aging Warren population.

It’s an issue that we must not neglect and I will look forward to any posting on this subject.

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