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Priorities II


On the 8th of June I posted a comment on a proposal, that a couple of City Councilmen are “bantering” around, that people who are caught “defacing” stop signs should be made to do community service by guarding the Stop sign once it is cleaned and/or replaced.

It’s nice to see that this mornings Tribune-Chronicle, which I don’t always agree with, gave this idea (proposal) an ONION.

As the “trib” points out, who will stand guard watching the person who is “standing guard” on the sign, especially since Councilman Dean feels that the “defacing’ is “gang members” marking their territory.

There is one other reason that seems to make this a mute idea, the Courts already can enforce “Community Service” if the Judge so ordered.

As stated in my June 8th post: It’s all about “Priorities”. There are more serious problems in our City that Council should be spending their time, energy and the taxpayers money to solve.

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