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Memorial Day


With Mother’s Day, the International Aids Candlelight Memorial and Memorial Day, May is truly the month of “Memories”.

Recently I’ve been going through and taking stock of the family photo albums and documents.

Among the piles of snap shots was a photo of my Grandfather, tall and young, in uniform astride his horse in France. He’s 18 and it’s the “War to end all Wars”, WWI. (click on photo to enlarge)

I got to meet my English Grandfather when I was twenty and he rarely talked about his experience in that war. I do know he was “gassed”, which was to effect him in later years, and he spent sometime in a German POW Camp but not much else was every said or spoken.

During WWII he spent his time as a firefighter on the docks of Liverpool and again I never heard many stories of those days either.

Another photo/postcard shows my Great Uncle James in his WWI uniform. Sad to say I never got to meet Uncle James to hear his experiences.

I have many of my Father and Mother in uniform. Dad with the 8th Army Air Corp in WWII and my “Mum” in her RAF uniform as a control tower operator. I even have one with both in uniform together.

Neither of my parents talked much about the war but I bet they made a great looking couple, arm in arm as they walked down the cobblestone streets of Oxford.

In one album I found a photo of myself from the 60’s where I was dressed in Air Force “blues” and overseas.

I’m sure that I’m like other Americans with many of the same style photo’s and memories of those who went off to answer their “Country’s Call”. Every Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day we bring those photo’s out, get a lump in our throats and our chests swell with pride and honor.

Memorial Day was first observed 142 years ago to honor those who had fought in the “Civil War”. Now it has become a way to honor those brave souls plus all those who have served our nation proudly.

“Lest We Forget”

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