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Market on the Square


Saturday morning I stopped by Market on the Square (Old Army Navy Store) on West Market Street across from the County Courthouse.

I had a cup of coffee and browsed the several displays of vendors that had set up there “wares”, mainly arts/craft, for display and sale.

Even got to watch one of the artisans, Mike Boich, work on one of the “Goddess” sculptures that will be displayed around town this summer.

The concept of the Market on the Square is one I hope becomes a traditional Saturday morning venture, both for vendors and patrons.

If Downtown Warren is to bring a re-birth to it’s empty store fronts and dwindling patronage, it first needs to become a destination and the Taylor Group is giving their all in that pursuit with Market on the Square.

Richard Florida, in his book Rise of the Creative Class, makes a compelling argument for Cities to attract the arts in all forms to help encourage the re-birth of their Central Business Districts.

Two good examples of such “art/crafts”, entertainment with nightlife and area growth can be seen in Chagrin Falls and the Columbus “Short North”.

Even the new revitalization of Shaker Heights (Chagrin and Van Aken Boulevards) is depending on the arts, entertainment and a “pedestrian friendly” environment as has been seen in the popular Coventry area of Cleveland for many years.

I hope others can see the advantage of the Market on the Square concept and will follow in it’s lead.

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  1. Josh permalink
    04/21/2008 1:00 am

    And don’t forget Tremont in Cleveland. Google tremont ohio and tremont art walk to see what happens when the poltical, community and developmental factions get together to turn an area around.

  2. 04/21/2008 6:39 am

    Josh, yes, yes, and yes, the Tremont area is a prime example, along with the others mentioned, of what a community can don when elected officials do more than “collect” their checks. T.

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