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A Couple of Tidbits


I see that several other empty store front windows have been utilized and displays from other businesses/organizations occupy the space.

Apparently this “Shepherding” of the store front windows was done just before last weekends Relay For Life on the Courthouse Square.

For what ever reason I’m glad to see it and this should be the norm not the exception until the empty stores have viable businesses.

It seems that Councilman Novak has brought out the old “chestnut” on Charter Government for the City of Warren.

Tho I lean to this form of City Operation, which I will use a whole post for later, I’m skeptical on the Councilman’s motives on reviving this issue at this time.

Presently he is sponsoring what amounts to an Un-Constitutional Resolution before Council.

This Resolution, which is cosponsored by Councilman at Large Dean, really “reeks” of “witch hunting.”

If Council passes this Resolution, I seriously doubt that either of our two new Legislators will honestly feel comfortable in proposing this document to the State House and Senate.

Why am I skeptical on Novak’s intentions in reviving the Charter form of Government?

Because in a Charter form of Government the City can write statutes that exceed State Laws, so is Novak seeing that he might not succeed in his present form of Un-Constitutional Resolution and he sees another avenue to pursue to accomplish his agenda? Stay tuned this will get interesting.

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