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November’s Election


Hopefully Fonce, Dean and Rucker, Warren’s City Council at Large, were watching what happened in the 4th Ward and the election of Marti Morn to Council.

When a three time incumbent can be beaten and get less than a hundred votes, those in office should take stock.

The scenario is this: 1) Three at Large positions and Four Candidates when you add in Dan Crouse as an Independent. 2). At Large will be the only race on the ballot as was Ward 4 in the Primary. 3) Who can get a City wide turn out when the interest will be low and 4). Those who say that you have to have a (D) behind your name to get elected might see voters willing to go with an (I) just for the change.

Here’s another question we can ponder too. I had mentioned in an earlier post about term limits, well how about a strong Independent push to local politics?

Is there room and/or interest in Warren City for a strong third party, such as Libertarians or just Independents, working together on a strong Economic Development Platform. All that’s needed is four or five people to join together and run on a strong unified program.

Of course I state the obvious in the next statement: They have to deliver and if they don’t they MUST be voted out. We need to return to a strong City Council with a progressive and dynamic agenda and not the same ones we hear year after year.

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