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“Slap in the Face”


In two weeks, nearly 200 visits have been recorded for this “blog.” Thank you so very much but it would be more rewarding to have comments and dialogue on the thoughts and issues put forth.

Even tho we haven’t had any comments I have heard through the “small town grapevine” that my posting about the Entertainment District “Amusement Park size” has drawn some ire.

It seems that the “size” comment, since I originally had proposed a 23 acrea size district, was viewed as a “slap in the face” to those who did the “hard work” on the present concept of the “District”.

That’s far from the case.

It was an editorial on the IMPACT, or lack of it, that the 492.5 acre “District” would have on Downtown Economic Development. Please note keyword: IMPACT.

Just for a reference point on size, King’s Island is 394 acres; Cedar Point is also 394 acres; Geauga Lake and Water Park with new expansion is 690 acres.

I stand by “Amusement Park” size comment.

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