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Customer Service


Is Customer Service a thing of the past?

I’ve noticed, and I’m sounding like my parents, Customer Service seems to be lacking in many of the businesses around town.

It would seem that most tellers, clerks or associates feel that the customer is a bother or at best an intrusion on the moment.

Walk into your local “fast food” hamburger joint and you can hear the chatter (between employees) of what the date was like the night before, or the aches and pains of the day plus the “he said/she said” gossip but no smile or greeting to you the customers reaches the ear.

With the order taken the clerk, always in monotone, announces the amount of purchase and if your luckey you may get eye contact.

You hand the money, God help you if you give the odd cents to make it even dollars for change, and when the change is given the air remains silent, void of a “thank you” or even “have a nice day.”

Then the food arrives in the bag. Plopped on the counter and shoved towards you and you head out the door.

Now it’s not just the “burger” places, it’s also the Giant Eagles and Sparkle Markets; the local gas stations and pizza places; bank tellers, waitresses and a multitude of other day to day service related fields where customers have lost their identity and their importance to the employee.

Yes, there are those exceptions and those keep me going back to certain businesses. I look for that certain cashier at Giant Eagle, that certain bank teller or that special waitress, for it is the Customer Service and the feeling of my importance for that moment that has me coming back.

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  1. Bill permalink
    05/02/2007 9:01 pm

    I have to agree with this assessment of customer service. Part of the cause goes back to how the server was brought up, and the “youth factor,” but also it has to do with training and oversight by the management.

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