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Time for Gun Control?


I know that “Gun Control” is an issue that reaches farther than the City of Warren.

Last Sunday I went to Church in Youngstown and afterwards, during the Coffee get together, a comment was made to me about the many murders Warren had experienced in the past week. This person, who teaches at YSU, even stated that it looked like Warren might be “overtaking” Youngstown as the “Valley’s” murder central.

As a Viet Nam Era Vet, who also survived being ten feet and to the right of the Ohio Guard on May 4th, 1970 at Kent State University, I do have a strong opinion on the matter of “Gun Control.”

Maybe Virginia Tech, and the “horrific” murders, will open our eyes to the NEED to revisit the issue and implement a uniform NATIONAL Program.

I know that “gun advocates”, plus so called “sportsmen”, will run and quote the Constitution on their “rights” to “bare arms” but the victims of this “mass murder” also had Constitutional rights, that of “Life, Liberty and Happiness.”

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  1. Bill permalink
    05/02/2007 9:04 pm

    Why do people feel they need to have the right to “bear arms,” to have weapons in the home? Let’s have stricter gun control laws, especially with semi- and fully automatic weapons.

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