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Shepherding: Its Time Has Come


Over the last several years, REVITALIZATION and REGIONALISM have become the “buzz” word when in discussing concerns about Downtown Warren.

I have another word which should have as much power as both of those do, SHEPHERDING.

SHEPHERDING is a very viable concept when talking about the Parks.

Let groups such as the Boy Scouts; Churches; Senior Citizens Organizations; Veteran Organizations and Auxiliaries; Garden Clubs and Schools, take sections of the Riverwalk, Packard and Perkins Parks and let them be responsible for cleaning, planting and in general maintaining the quality of life of these “Family Oasis”.

By inviting these groups to participate in a Shepherding Program, the Community would have ownership and the City would benefit.

One could take the idea even further by using it for the Historic Courthouse Square.

By letting Organizations and other business Shepherd the vacant buildings, they could use the empty Store Front windows to promote their Organizations or Businesses and in return they would maintain and clean the area in front of those Empty Stores.

A good example of how it would look is the Old Army Navy Recruiting Facility and the window displays for the BLUE IRIS CAFE and PARKSIDE VINTAGE.

Before MARKET on the SQUARE was developed in the Taylor Building, they were constantly displaying Fine Arts Council, School and Red Cross material.

SHEPHERDING should be another TOOL in this City Administrations “Tool Box.”

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  1. tristan permalink
    05/11/2007 6:46 am

    With this weekend’s event, Relay For Life, being held Downtown and at the Courthouse Square, I wanted to do a follow-up on Shepherding.

    I had mentioned in the original post that two businesses, Blue Iris and ParkSide Vintage, took the empty Army/Navy Recruiting Station windows and put displays in them.

    Yesterday as I was walking by I noticed that they had changed the displays and expanded the theme.

    Well Done. The Tribune Chronicle should give them an Orchid for their ingenuity, perseverance and concern.

    With all the people expected to be Downtown this weekend, these windows will greet them with more than an empty store front and it gives the perception that someone CARES.

    On a side note: Those businesses that have flowers planted in front of them…take time and water them!! Yes I know that you didn’t plant them, the Downtown Business Association did, but at least keep these donated flowers alive for the enjoyment and the beauty of Downtown.

  2. Helen R permalink
    03/27/2009 12:57 pm

    Groups in Warren that are sheparding are a asset to our city. The work in Burbank Park is so wonderful, and the community clean-ups are getting rid of the trash along the major streets. Last year 700 lawns were cut by the county inmates and this year it will be even more.
    Helen R

  3. 03/27/2009 1:09 pm

    Helen, Thank you. All it would take is a little effort on the City’s part to promote and encourage.

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